Tail Waggers


Our NAC volunteers have been fortunate to be a part of many peoples’ lives. 
Watching good things happen as a result of that contact makes volunteering all worth while. 
This is the place on our website where pet owners with a grateful heart can share their story
so that others may know they do not need to walk alone during a crisis with their pet!

I would like to Thank North Woods Animal Coalition ( NAC ) For all the help and understanding when I needed my dog Tivee spayed. With the cost of what the Vets charge..I couldn’t do it on my own. I got a hold of NAC through Susan.  It’s not the first time she has helped me because of her Love for Animals. Susan has always led me in the right direction, she works very hard and close with (NAC).  Before I could almost Blink (NAC) came to the rescue. As Susan says It takes a Village. In my case the NAC officers cleared the way for the ER Vet and next I was talking to Dr.Rachel M. Starr, D.V.M. in Elk Rapids Animal Hospital. They are the sweetest caring people there. With out the help of NAC, I wouldn’t have Tivee spayed. NAC has done so much for so many. I hope some day I can repay them for all they have done for Tivee and I. The staff was wonderful and Thank you so much Dr. Starr. What NAC does for our Animals is all out of Pure Love. Tivee acts like a puppy now so I know they are a Very Special group of People. While we sit at home they’re working hard to make the World a better place in this World for our Animals. I will always be indebted to them.

Thank you,
Shanna & Tivee